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How to Stack Rings: From Dainty Rings to Statement Rings

An image showing 4 hands resting on jeans with various rings on each hand demonstrating how to stack rings.
It feels like layering and stacking are all the rage these days when it comes to jewelry fashion 101. While layering necklaces may be a little more straightforward, there’s a certain art around stacking rings. We’ll show you how to stack rings for every style from simple and minimalistic to edgy and bold with 6 easy tips. 

Mix and Match 

The first thing when learning how to stack rings is to add in different shapes and sizes. This will give your ring stack some dimension. 
A close-up image of a hand showing two gold statement rings on the index and middle fingers showing how to build a ring stack.
Depending on the fashion look you’re going for, your stack could be complete with two bold statement rings, or you may want a dozen simple dainty rings. Play around with small bands and gold chunky rings to strike the perfect balance. 

Twinning is Winning: Double Up on Dainty Rings

On the other hand, you can stick to one ring you love. When you’re working with small, dainty rings, including the same ring a couple of times is a great way to create symmetry and cohesion when you stack rings. 

A close-up image of a hand showing how to build a ring stack using the same dainty rings. The index finger has two identical gold twisted rope rings.
Our Reni Ring is a great dainty ring to include when you’re wondering how to stack rings like a minimalistic icon.

Add a Statement Ring

If you’re looking for more of a bold and edgy look when creating your ring stack, opt for a statement ring or two. These help draw attention to your hands, which is perfect for those times when your outfit is more neutral or you’ve just gotten a fresh manicure. 
An image of a person holding both hands up to her chest showcasing how to stack rings using statement rings. She has a simple dainty ring on one hand and two chunky gold rings on the other.
Here at ADAE, we love a gold statement ring. A few of our favourite every-day go-to's are The Rushane Ring and The Annie Ring. Whoever said girls don’t want heart-shaped jewelry clearly never met Annie. 

Give Your Look a Thumbs Up

Thumb rings are a great way to give your ring stack a level of sophistication. Wondering how to stack rings like “that girl”? Throw on a couple thumb rings and you’re on your way. 
An image of a person showing their manicured hand with a simple ring stack including two gold twisted rope rings on her index finger and thumb.
We love the symmetry in this simple, dainty ring stack. It creates the perfect pop of luxe but doesn’t draw away from those gorgeous nails. 

Dial Down Your Other Jewelry

If you’re ready to create an extravagant ring stack, show it off baby. We recommend toning down your other jewelry just a bit to really let your ring stacking skills shine. 
An image of a person’s wrist laying on their lap and their shoes. The image shows a simple gold bracelet, anklet, and several rings demonstrating how to stack rings while minimizing other jewelry.
This fashion-forward ADAE babe knows how to stack rings like a pro. She’s created dimension by mixing textures and symmetry by using the same ring three times. She complements the look with a simple bracelet and anklet that enhance, not distract, from her ring stack. 

Invite Your Other Hand to the Party

When you’re first learning how to stack rings it can be tempting to stack rings heavily on one hand and forget about the other one. But that’s no fun–invite both lefty and righty to the party. 
An image of a person taking a selfie demonstrating their ring stacks and manicure. They have 3 rings on the left hand and 2 on the right hand demonstrating how to stack rings on both hands.
This beauty queen has mastered the art of how to stack rings in a beautiful, interesting way. She stacks rings on both hands in an elegant way and not in a “look how many rings I can fit on my hand” way. Safe to say we’re absolutely obsessed and we're running to our jewelry box to stack rings just like this. 

Ready, Set, Stack

Now that you know how to stack rings it’s time to add some stacking rings to your collection. Shop our collection of ADAE rings to find the perfect dainty ring or statement ring to stack rings for yourself.