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How to Layer Necklaces in 5 Easy Steps

An image of a person dangling three different gold necklaces of different lengths showing how to layer necklaces.

We’re here to teach you how to layer necklaces like the babe that you are in just 5 easy steps. 

1. Play with Different Lengths 

If you don’t know how to layer necklaces, start by varying your necklace lengths. In order to create that layered look, you need to play with your lengths. You can start with one of our adjustable 14” chains, and then move onto a 16” or 19” necklace. We’ve also got you covered with our 4” Necklace Extender so you can layer necklaces the way you want. 

A close up image of a person’s torso showing their black sweater, brown coat, and layered necklaces with 3 different gold necklaces showing how to layer necklaces of different lengths.
The stunning pairing of the Olivia Curb Chain and Haley Herringbone sets the base and catches our eye immediately. This layered necklace masterpiece is finished off with our 17” Megan Necklace to bring this look to new lengths. 

2. Mix and Match Styles & Textures 

Layer necklaces of different styles and textures to make your necklace stacks more visually interesting. Don’t be afraid to pair dainty gold necklaces with bold chain links to really stand out. 
A close-up image of a person’s neck showing a necklace stack with a chain link necklace, gold herringbone necklace, and dainty gold pendant necklace showing how to layer necklaces of different styles.

We love these layered necklaces because the combination of textures are just chef’s kiss. We’ve got the lovely paperclip Oana Link Chain paired with our slinky Nicole Herringbone and our detailed, statement Nicole Necklace. By playing with different styles, the necklace stack is interesting, sophisticated, and beautiful. 

3. Make a Statement 

Some people think less is more but if we’re talking about how to layer necklaces, we’re strong believers that more is more. Don’t be afraid to stand out with a statement necklace (or two). 

A close-up image of two gold necklaces laying on top of the page of a book showing how to layer statement necklaces.

One of our top tips for “How to Layer Necklaces 101” is to add a pendant necklace when going for a bold look. The Wanderer Necklace is the perfect example. Not only does this necklace make a visual statement, but with 10% of proceeds going towards The Orphan Project associated with MATW (Muslims Around the World), you can make a social statement as well. Talk about a win-win. 

4. Keep Your Outfit in Mind 

Whenever you start thinking about how to layer necklaces, always remember the outfit that you’re working with. If you’re going for a simple and dainty necklace layer, then a v-neck blouse would look great. If you want to rock some chains and herringbones for a street style chic aesthetic, then a graphic oversized t-shirt is your BFF. 
ALT: An image of a woman wearing a turtleneck and a blazer with two necklaces layered on top of the turtleneck showing how to layer necklaces while keeping your outfit in mind.

We love this look because the layered necklaces perfectly complement the turtleneck and blazer this #ADAEBABE is rocking. This sophisticated, classy look is brought to the next level with the elegant, subtle beauty of the Oana Link Chain and Haley Herringbone necklace layer. 

5. Express Yourself and Have Fun

Always remember–you wear the jewelry, the jewelry doesn’t wear you. ADAE Jewelry is meant to emphasize the beauty of the person wearing it. So have fun when you layer necklaces and always remember to be you. 
An image of three women leaning on each other all dressed in white with different variations of gold layered necklaces showing how to layer necklaces while expressing yourself.
Each of these gorgeous #ADAEBABES know how to layer necklaces in a way that’s true to them and their style. From sweet and simple to bold and beautiful, these layered necklaces make a statement. 

Layer Away Gorgeous 

Now you have all the tips you need to know how to layer necklaces like a pro. Show off your gorgeous layered necklaces by tagging us on Instagram, @ADAEJewelry. We can’t wait to see you gorgeous.