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Your piece remains permanent until you decide otherwise! When it's time to take it off, simply use scissors to cut the chain at the welded jump ring, preserving it for future use. (We can always re-weld). Additionally, we also offer the option to add a clasp.

Not at all! The bracelet is welded together in lieu of a clasp - the procedure is non-invasive, makes no contact with the skin and is entirely painless!

Nope. Each of our items is meticulously crafted from solid 10K gold, solid 14K gold, or 925 sterling silver. This ensures that all metal options are 100% hypoallergenic, gentle on sensitive skin, and resistant to tarnishing or skin irritation. Our solid gold pieces are made to last a lifetime! As for our silver pieces, we utilize 925 sterling silver, renowned for its resistance to tarnish from water or sweat. Overtime silver can naturally form a dark layer on the surface, this is usually superficial and can be easily removed.

Our permanent jewelry is TSA-friendly, accustomed to travel, and has never encountered issues. Typically, delicate jewelry doesn't require removal when passing through airport security.

Maintaining your jewelry's sparkle is simple with regular cleaning. Solid gold pieces can be gently cleaned with warm water and dish soap, while sterling silver items benefit from specialized silver cleaning solutions, polishing cloths, or home remedies like baking soda and aluminum foil.

Yes! We would be more than happy to bring permanent jewelry to your event. We find it to be the perfect touch at a bridal party, birthday, or event. Please contact us for bookings below.





  • *Please note event pricing will vary



Perfect for bridal showers, birthday parties and other monumental events.

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