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Lights, Camera, Action! ADAE in the press!

Lights, Camera, Action! ADAE in the press!

As we draw near to our second birthday in business, it is with great excitement we write this blog post. Never in a hundred years would we have expected our business that started in our living room to grow into to what it is today!

This blog post is dedicated to all the ADAE Babes out there with a dream, passion, and goal that feels like the potential to succeed is too far away. We hope this post shows that with hard work and consistency, you can achieve whatever it is you put your mind to! Although, that might sound cliché we're living proof that things get easier and start to fall into place each step of the way. 

Although we still have a far way to go, we hope this post brings inspiration to anyone looking for a sign to start something new! Below we highlight some of our recognition in the media: 

Adidas Canada - Womens Campaign 

In March 2022, ADAE made a jewelry feature in some photos of the Adidas Womens Social Campaign. This campaign focused on positive body image, inclusivity and celebrating women in sport. We were more than amped to have taken part in a concept that aligned so well with our own values. 

(Can you spot the Hiba Hoops? 👀)

Vanity Fair UK - April 2022 Issue

This was a HUGE milestone for us as we made it into print! This win is not for only for us but also for everyone who has helped and supported us on the journey thus far. 💕

(We spy the Amanda necklace ❤️)

Vanity Fair UK - May 2022 Issue

(Our Kayli necklace on the Timeless Treasures page 💕) 

British Vogue - May 2022 Issue

Eeeeep! This was truly a very exciting day for us. To see our jewelry featured in Vogue was a dream come true. Pinch us, I think we're still dreaming!

Vanity Fair UK - June 2022 Issue

(Go Basra necklace go!)

Vanity Fair UK - July 2022 Issue

& that concludes ADAE in the media! We hope to make more appearances in the future as we continue to grow. 

Thank you to everyone, (including you reading this right now!) for all the help, support and love you've show us. We hope to continue to keep pushing our limits and do you proud! 


The ADAE Sisters ❤️