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How To Style 101: Earrings, Necklaces and Rings

How To Style 101: Earrings, Necklaces and Rings
Welcome to our How To Style 101 guide featuring earrings, necklaces and rings from our current collections. A space where we share how our #ADAEBABES style our pieces as well as tips on why they work.  
 Jasmin (@jasminalfa) wears our Nicole Herringbone paired with The Amanda Necklace and The Reni, Rushane, and Annie Rings. 
Why it works: Pairing the Nicole Herringbone and the Amanda necklace is the perfect combination. The thick scoop neckline of the herringbone draws yours attention upwards complimented by the strong rectangular pendant and topped off with the shiny rings.  
Nardine (@nardine_) wears our Nikita and Reni Ring. 
Why it works: Keeping it sweet and simple, the Nikita ring alongside the Reni ring give any hand the perfect boost.
Alina (@hairxbrowsbyalina) wears our Nicole Herringbone, Reni and Nikita Ring.
Why it works: Similarly to Nardine, Alina shows off another sweet and sultry combination of the Nikita and the Reni topped off with the Nicole Herringbone. 
Naomi (@naomiicho) wears our Oana link chain paired with our Haley Herringbone. 
Why it worksThe starking contrast of the character from the Oana link chain paired with the elegance of the Haley Herringbone tie together to give the ultimate compliment. 
Eman (@eman.nagm) wears our Jasmin Hoops and Naomi Bracelet. 
Why it worksThe Jasmin Hoops topped with the Naomi bracelet give any outfit the perfect finishing touches.